Markle Sparkle

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As a socialist, I am morally opposed to all things royal. As an Irish American, that goes double for the English royal family. That said, Meghan and Harry–scandalous users of cannabis–might want to consider marketing some royal bud, now that medicinal marijuana is legal in the UK.



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In his latest article on green fascism, noted playwright John Steppling examines the New Volkisch Mythos of *Greta* that “is the validation of what amounts to royalist wisdom and the dangers of community control of anything.”

The Collective Dream

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Mexico may be one of the most corrupt countries in the world, but when it comes to how they treat indigenous peoples, they are not so different from Canada and the United States. One difference, however, is that the hundreds of indigenous nations in Mexico were foundational to the establishment of the Mexican state. Says Carlos Gonzalez–an indigenous lawyer–they are resisting the destruction of their cultures, languages, and forms of government.

We don’t think in terms of only one form of resistance or of an exclusive vision of resistance.

It’s Class War

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Warren made her career taking the side of the American people and Biden made his taking the side of corporate predators.–Holly Wood

Sixth Sun

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The Spirit of the Earth: Philip Glass and the Spiritual Voice of the Wixarika Music

le Poisson Rouge, September 4, NYC

The F Word

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Fascism is a rationalization of theft. As such, it takes many forms, depending on the situation. Fascism can be either religious or secular, or a combination of both, such as we have in the US. Fascism is the basis of colonialism–now called globalization–and legitimizes the theft of land and resources from indigenous peoples to this day, often including rationales that underpin Christian White Supremacy.

Killing Socialism

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Bernie’s betrayal of single payer health care and support for the nuclear-powered Green New Deal reminds us how easy it is to hijack a social movement in the society of the spectacle. With his vacuous but telegenic proteges making headlines in Congress, Bernie is a valued sheepdog for capitalism and the DNC; killing socialism is his mission.