The Vanguard of Humanity

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Insightful individuals, who through their words and deeds become cultural creatives, comprise the milieu from which arise the defenders of democracy. These noble champions and great warriors, in turn, inspire the young who are hungry for meaning in an increasingly meaningless world. In the turbulence of social upheaval, they are the voices of reason, the leaders of resistance to fascism–the vanguard of humanity.


The Politics of Resentment

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In the six-part series The Politics of Resentment, the Anti-Indian Movement in the US is revealed to be a corporate-sponsored betrayal of American values.

Learning from Their Mistakes

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Organized labor hasn’t fared well in D.C., forcing them to shift to state and local organizing. Now it’s time for them to fight for their very survival.

Occupy 1932

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The Bonus Expeditionary Force, a.k.a. the Bonus Army, combined with Socialist labor organizers, are largely responsible for forcing Congress and President Roosevelt to implement socialist programs like Social Security and Medicare. Two of these veterans–occupying the U.S. Capitol lawn–were shot dead by U.S. Army soldiers sent to clear out them and their families, who were encamped in D.C. while seeking relief from the ravages of the Great Depression.

Reason for Hope

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Saddled with Puritanical conservatives, the Republican Party is handicapped from the outset in its dogged pursuit of institutionalizing American fascism. In order to do that, they would need to put people to work, as the Nazi Party did in Germany. Punishing the downtrodden, by withdrawing social program support, only creates resentment among those who might otherwise have been their most loyal recruits.

As it stands, the only employment offered is mercenary work in the military, and while that poses its own problems, it also provides a sub-group of sociological misfits, trained in the science of killing. What could go wrong?

Society in Ruin

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In the zero-sum game of taxes and budgets, Congress decides who pays and who benefits. Mathematically, if some get tax cuts, then others have their taxes go up to cover the shortfall. In the world of the Puritanical conservatives now dominating Congress, however, we will more likely see social program cuts and public health service reductions. In plain English, society in ruin.

Great White Father

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Privatization is theft. Fascism is a rationalization of theft.