We Can Do Better

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As opined by historian Ted Widmer, Robert Kennedy’s trip to the Pine Ridge Indian Reservation–during the primaries of his 1968 presidential campaign–was an act of leaving the known political universe, almost like leaving the United States.


Moonwalk Sundance

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In 1969, when American astronauts landed on the moon, American Indians landed in academia. As we watched Neil Armstrong take “one small step for man,” our Native American brethren watched Kiowa author N. Scott Momaday receive the Pulitzer Prize for literature with his novel House Made of Dawn.

The Fascist State of Israel

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Bernadette (Devlin) McAliskey writes for Electronic Intifada about the violation of international human rights standards in the case of 17-year-old Palestinian icon Ahed Tamimi–now serving 8 months in Israeli prison for slapping the face of an Israeli soldier.


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Patriarchy in the Christian country of Armenia is so institutionalized that female elected officials are routinely manhandled and violently assaulted in government meetings by other officials, as well as viciously defamed and dehumanized by media.

Blackwater Betsy

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U.S. Secretary of Education Betsy DeVos–sister of the notorious Blackwater mercenary CEO Erik Prince–has committed fraud in her anti-union crusade against Department of Education employees, violating both the Civil Service Protections Act and the Federal Labor Relations Act. The American Federation of Government Employees has filed a complaint with the Federal Labor Relations Authority.

The Vanguard of Humanity

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Insightful individuals, who through their words and deeds become cultural creatives, comprise the milieu from which arise the defenders of democracy. These noble champions and great warriors, in turn, inspire the young who are hungry for meaning in an increasingly meaningless world. In the turbulence of social upheaval, they are the voices of reason, the leaders of resistance to fascism–the vanguard of humanity.

The Politics of Resentment

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In the six-part series The Politics of Resentment, the Anti-Indian Movement in the US is revealed to be a corporate-sponsored betrayal of American values.