The Reagan Revolution

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Neoliberalism is rooted in the Reagan Revolution of 1980, when this long-time fascist and former Hollywood FBI anti-Communist snitch teamed up with Ed Meese, the former Bay Area anti-free speech prosecutor, to create the most criminal U.S. administration in history. In fact, when campaigning for president in 2008, Obama publicly announced that his ideological mentor was Ronald Reagan.

While Reagan’s term as Governor of California in the 1960s was replete with FBI collusion against the Free Speech Movement, initiated by students at UC Berkeley, his career as an informer during the HUAC witch hunts against Hollywood screenwriters and actors were his formative years. The fact Obama chose him as his guiding light says something definitive about Neoliberalism.

In May 2007, in an attempt to resurrect the cult of conservatism embodied in their reactionary cultural icon, Republican Party faithful held a Reagan revival in San Diego. As the godfather of Iran-Contra and other crimes against humanity, Reagan was celebrated by the GOP for pioneering the abolishment of international law and human rights. But as this photo gallery of Bloody Thursday May 15, 1969 so dutifully documents, the befuddled fascist, who rode into White House history with a pair of pearl-handled six-guns, had a long history of killing for his misguided ideas.

As Governor of California, Reagan’s merciless crusade against communism drove him to send thousands of municipal police, state patrol, and national guard to attack the residents of Berkeley for the crime of beautifying a University of California vacant lot by planting flowers and cleaning up debris neglected by the school. 210 citizens were seriously wounded by law enforcement gunfire; 1 was murdered; thousands more were physically incapacitated by CS gas and baton blows.

Eleven years later, Americans rewarded Reagan with the two-term presidency that laid the groundwork for the criminal privatization of government now being consolidated under his ideological heir.

When the US abandoned any pretense at pursuing democratic values, opting instead for an economy based solely on exporting violence and fraud, the window of opportunity for democratic reform in Latin America rapidly closed. As Upside Down World reports, the 2009 US-backed coup in Honduras has set in motion a replay of President Reagan’s murderous meddling in Central America, while Plan Colombia and the reintroduction of U.S. military bases in Chile and Argentina preclude even Neoliberal independence in South America.

As President Obama seeks to emulate and maybe even surpass the ruthlessness of his mentor President Reagan, democracies and democratic movements in the Western hemisphere are no more immune to U.S. military aggression and economic subversion than are Central Asia or the Middle East.

Ups & Downs

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My high school years were a roller coaster ride:

1967–Summer of Love

1968–Chicago riots


1970–Kent State shootings

Theatre of State

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The U.S. State Department is essentially a theatrical production company encompassing the concept of good and evil in international relations in which its contracted writers, directors and stage managers handle such tasks as costume design and wardrobe management, conveying the recurring roles of good and evil, dispensing halos and horns that are reversed as required in sequels where former ‘bad guys’ become ‘good guys’ and the targeted audience responds accordingly.


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France grinding to a halt as CGT strike against IMF-coerced labor austerity measures shuts down oil refineries, airlines and public transportation.

The Whole Truth

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A writer’s most grievous social offense in America is telling the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth. Yet, the whole truth is what is needed in order to comprehend and to overcome the forces of evil in the ongoing war between indigenous nations and modern states. Even at the UN–or perhaps especially at the UN–this war waged by modern states, transnational corporations, media and their collaborators in the non-profit industrial complex against indigenous nations is a matter of life and death on a daily basis.

Earth Economics

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In Hijacking the Environmental Movement, I wrote that the ‘New Economy’ privatization cheerleaders, i.e. 350, Avaaz and CERES, all have fundamental ties to Wall Street moguls and finance sector criminals, and are “currently pressing for changes in international law that would give the finance sector carte blanche in privatizing all of nature.” What this so-called ‘sustainable capitalism’ is in reality sustaining, I observed, “is totalitarian corporate control of world governance and human survival.” Earth Economics, initially founded by TIDES, is a key player in promoting this scheme.

–excerpt from Earth Economics: Running with Bad Company

United States of Anomie

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We are closing in on two generations now, since the Reagan administration, that have been raised in a patriarchal system that taught them to cede their responsibilities as citizens to professional managers of the non-profit industrial complex. That complex, along with the media, educational institutions, and political parties, is wholly owned by Wall Street. The withdrawal of public resources and accountability has been entirely replaced by patronized careerists and managers dependent on the ruling class.

Young adults between the ages of 20 and 40, with a few notable exceptions, have never known self-organized democratic renewal. To these post Vietnam war generations, the heroic sacrifices and steadfast persistence of those engaged in the Free Speech movement, the Negro revolution, and the anti-war movement in the US are unimaginable.

As targets of 24/7 digital advertising and propaganda, they are largely unable to think for themselves. When some do, their voices are shunned, their voices too disturbing for those taught to beg for foundation grants or corporate sponsorships, and to unquestioningly follow celebrities financed by the ruling class, who reassure them that their complacency will be rewarded.

Bernie Sanders has given them a glimpse of the power of breaking free from the patronizing system Hillary Clinton represents, but who will lead them in democratizing America after the presidential election is over? Is Bernie just another form of entertainment for them, or will they get down to the task of persistent unpaid work and steadfast commitment required to save our society from oblivion?

Time will tell.