Reinventing the Future

A growing trend among non-institutional bloggers is to plug away for a few years, then hang it up out of boredom or perceived isolation or ineffectiveness, allowing their archived discussions and commentary to disappear. As amateurs and volunteers in popular communication, this abandonment is perhaps understandable, however regrettable.

What some fail to adequately comprehend is the constructive nature of networked correspondence where we jointly create new social narratives—one post or comment at a time—and make this knowledge, information and analysis available to those who might need it, now or later. The concept of accumulated understanding, as well as the importance of archives to the continuity of social struggle with ideas, unfortunately, is not yet clearly understood nor valued.

As discursive agents of social change, participants past and present need to grasp this if we are to reinvent the future.


~ by Jay Taber on March 21, 2007.

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