Folly of Free Enterprise

When I was a kid, I enjoyed a clever cartoon called Fractured Fairy Tales. Reading recently about the economic benefits of a pornography studio in San Francisco and about the Republican Reagan Revival recently held in San Diego, I had an uneasy feeling about the direction of American fantasy.

While charming fairy tales are fine for children, feeding false notions about the prostitution industry or other aspects of international human rights that Reagan did so much to undermine, is not only harmful to foreigners bullied by brutal American enterprise—it is an unforgivable breach of trust by a mendacious mainstream media.

Murderous mercantilism—whether killing for oil, sex, or money—is a commerce we should have no illusions about. What goes around comes around.


~ by Jay Taber on May 4, 2007.

One Response to “Folly of Free Enterprise”

  1. Thanks for this observation about the false information put out by sex industry pimps and faux-feminists. Sometimes it seems like the massive volume of words, images and money from the pornography (pictures of prostitution) industry acts to censor the voices of those of us who oppose sexual exploitation and abuse, no matter how mainstreamed. See photo and analysis of the San Francisco torture pornography production company at

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