Progressive Facade

In a post from last Fall, we introduced the topic of careerism in the moral theatrics industry. Last week, we examined a case study of this phenomenon at the San Francisco mecca of moral theatrics—New College of California.

As a small private college comprising a mere 1,000 students, New College may seem like small potatoes, but as the voice of lefty radicalism in the Bay Area, it’s influence clearly exceeds its size. Broadcasting a weekly radio program from its Mission District campus over Berkeley-based community radio KPFA, the little school is literally able to roar.

As a microcosm of the pseudo activism pervading the moral left status quo in the US, it affords us a look at how the diplomatic model of social change has utterly failed, as well as offering us insight into the facade of progressive spirituality. Not a pretty picture.

In an effort to rectify this situation in our country and beyond, in 2001 we conducted a survey of leading political thinkers that culminated in the report Research as Organizing Tool. We hope our readers will find it useful in making sense of the present situation in San Francisco—and the world.


~ by Jay Taber on July 23, 2007.

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  1. Try, under 400 students and dropping.

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