State of Subservience

It is perhaps inevitable that there will be those upset with our pointing out New College is dying. Some are understandably traumatized by the idea of the low-income counseling clinics closing, and as such are susceptible to the suggestion of blaming the messenger. While we believe them sincere in wanting to save the good things about the school, they are apparently unable to consider the possibility that their alma mater does more harm than good, and that it may be necessary to close it to prevent further harm. But characterizing those who do not play along with the board’s charade as obstructing reform, healing, saving the school, and so forth, is only playing into the hand of those who are perpetuating elitist governance while posing as reformists.

It’s kind of like marginalizing critics of the Democratic Party or Peepless Pelosi—a sad, sorry state of subservience to the status quo. Maybe in time they, too, can free their minds.


~ by Jay Taber on August 11, 2007.

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