Twist of Fate

Some confused people have asked why we don’t try to work with the New College board of trustees to save the school. Well, unlike the board, we’re willing to discuss that. But first, let’s look at the administration’s behavior since we first exposed the accreditation crisis a month ago. Seeing how they answer directly to the trustees, it seems only fair.

During the month since the corrupt practices at New College have been in the public domain, school employees have hacked into and disabled two alumni/ae personal e-mail accounts and the alumni/ae website, crashing two computers and deleting vital information. Also during this same timeframe, New College staff wiped out all information exposing problems at the school on Wikipedia. The first three acts are federal crimes, the fourth unethical.

In addition, activist students and alumni/ae have been harassed with intimidating e-mail and phone calls by school employees. One faculty member received a death threat.

To top it all off, the trustees have not answered one single question posed by alumni/ae at its first and only public forum in 36 years, and no public records have willingly been made available. In summary, the trustees have chosen not to communicate with us, and instead have treated us as enemies for asking questions. Many staff have quit the school in recent weeks, and it is entirely possible the trustees will soon have to answer the phones and fix the plumbing.

We figure it’s a fate they brought on themselves.


~ by Jay Taber on August 16, 2007.

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