Blue Ribbon Committees

One of the standard practices of corrupt administrations caught with their pants down is to form blue-ribbon committees to get to the bottom of things. By using this tried-and-true diversionary tactic, criminal cabals in public institutions are able to both control the selection of participants, as well as set the agenda. Including legitimate participants on these committees lends credibility to the charade, and often prevents lazy reporters from investigating further.

As I see it, the transitional administration at New College of California, headed by New College trustee Luis Molina, was a front set up by the trustees to take the flack after the Western Association of Schools and Colleges threatened to yank the school’s accreditation. The transitional team, headed by trustees Luis Molina and Jane Swan, was set up by the trustees to placate students and faculty outraged by the U.S. Department of Education decision to pull the plug on federal financial aid.

As such, the transitional front has never served as a route to integrity, but rather served as a diversion from accountability. As usual, the enormity of the deception takes a while to sink in.


~ by Jay Taber on January 9, 2008.

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