In Search of a Silver Lining

In light of the San Francisco based alternative school’s imminent closure, the latest WASC Special Report on New College of California could be depressing, were it not for the fact that the report was only obtained by alumni thanks to a conscientious employee who realized withholding vital information from faculty and students was wrong. While the trustees rightly deserve our condemnation for attempting to conceal the very bad news until after next week’s student registration, we are encouraged by the fact that no matter how hard they try — and they have tried hard — the trustees have been unable to find enough dishonest people to keep them company as they destroy the integrity of the institution.

While this may seem like small consolation to those who’ve dedicated their lives to higher education there, it at least restores our faith in humanity—something we don’t take lightly.

~ by Jay Taber on January 17, 2008.

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