Logic of Control

The logic of control, expressed in such official acts as FISA and Total Information Awareness in the US, inevitably leads to abuses of power as seen in Denver and St. Paul. Indeed, around the world — from China to New Zealand — abuse of power through technological innovation and political corruption, is used 24/7 by police to prevent criticism of the corporate state. As an anti-democratic breakthrough in suppressing dissent, accessing personal information and private correspondence with the help of communications companies, guarantees that conscientious citizens are going to fight back, thereby justifying their arrests, detentions, and loss of civil rights under the new world national security system.

When the laws and lawmakers themselves comprise a criminal enterprise, then those who oppose criminality become, by definition, outlaws. Regardless of whether participating states are nominally democratic, monarchic, or socialist, the transnational cooperation in this totalitarian regime means that the struggle for freedom is indeed global.

The sharing of technology between participating governments requires tactical subversion based on a global strategy; awareness, in this sense, is indeed the ultimate sacred wonder.


~ by Jay Taber on September 4, 2008.

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