A Moral Imperative

Invoking national security laws to arrest protestors at the national political party conventions is, of course, nonsense, but viewing the Iraq Veterans Against War as subversive is not. Like the Abolitionists and Civil Rights Movement activists, IVAW and other antiwar groups are attempting to undermine an immoral condition centered in Congress and the White House.

Confronting the traitors who’ve usurped our public institutions may be legally punishable by imprisonment under the unconstitutional homeland security statutes, but subversion of state terrorism and crimes against humanity is both a right and duty under our constitution, as well as under international law. Leaving aside for the moment the perhaps unsavory rhetoric or behavior of some righteously indignant dissidents, the fact that they have been incensed by an official criminality and systematic inhumanity, founded on an absolute abuse of power, suggests that less hearty souls might be advised to become more supportive of this subversion.

After all, when moral character is outlawed by those lacking it, subversion itself becomes a moral imperative.


~ by Jay Taber on September 11, 2008.

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