Evolution of Consciousness

Evolution of consciousness is a slow process. Americans have, over time, come to terms with the many aspects of our national character that fall short on human rights and environmental sanity. They may not have addressed them effectively, but given the extent politicians and the corporations that own them now have to go to pretend to honor these principles, shows how far we have and haven’t come in five centuries as settlers of the Americas.

Bringing our way of life into synch with these tenuous values is not easy under corporate rule, but the day might come when our persistence pays off. Those of us in the research and education field are prepared to stand behind anyone willing to organize communities for action to bring about positive change.

We only hope a widespread sense of humility, based on history, will soon make inroads into the arrogance of the progressive milieu. Only then can they follow those prepared to lead in making these changes, and no longer just get in the way.


~ by Jay Taber on November 5, 2008.

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