Old Money New Poverty

It isn’t like old money creating new poverty is an unheard of story; the land grants and government concessions that made the American aristocracy go way back, before there was a United States. Even the Rhode Island elite who made fortunes shipping slaves precede our young republic.

But rich people like to live well, and that requires replenishing their wealth at the expense of wage earners, sweatshop slaves, and taxpayers, day in and day out. When one sector falters, the slack has to be taken up with the help of Congress in the form of new loopholes and gifts. Living on the sweat and blood of others is serious business.

While there are still landscapes to be ravaged and populations to be plundered, mobilizing our military and police to squeeze the last drops of blood and oil from our world to support unearned wealth and luxurious lifestyles becomes ever more fraught with the threat of retribution; what goes around comes around. Under such conditions, the most efficient method is colonizing our minds to believe the rich deserve their rewards. That’s why they own the media, as well as the politicians; that’s why our wrath has been unleashed against the Fourth Estate, on the way to the manor gates.


~ by Jay Taber on March 26, 2009.

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