Landing Strip for Jesus

Christian Zionists, esp. of the dispensationalist sort, need Israel destroyed before God can turn the region into a landing strip for Jesus.

They have a vested interest in (a) destroying the world, and (b) getting most of the world’s Jews killed on the way to Armageddon, since their prophecies demand it.

That would be Hagee and his ilk, as well as a number of old Bush family allies.

Curiously, the equally noxious Reconstructionists (Rushdoony’s followers) take the exact opposite opinion. And while they would love a homegrown theocracy where homosexuals are stoned in the street (I do not exaggerate), they hate the dispensationalists’ attempt to get Israel destroyed on the way to a Jesusian Return.

Sarah Palin’s breed of Charismatic, Latter Rain theology, splits the difference and takes the worst of both – desiring both World’s End, and an end times theocracy, to enact the Holy Nation Perfection which will induce God to send Jesus back.

That’s about 25% of the US population, right there.

And they all need Jews to behave a certain way (up to and including dying off) in order to get God to notice all the nice white people in the States, who want into heaven.

Scary shit, especially bundled up with depression level job losses, increasing marginalization, oil catastrophes and a Democratic Party hell bent on provoking armed resistance.

–Jack Crow


~ by Jay Taber on June 5, 2010.

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