Carving Up Canada

To anyone who’s paid attention, the fact that globalization is an agenda for privatizing all wealth and resources into the hands of transnational corporations is nothing new. Nor is the architecture of the privatization assault: US Aid for International Development, the International Monetary Fund, and the World Bank remain the heavy hitters. What is new, in a sense, is the message:  the propaganda promulgated by the United Nations and its member states in the previous half century promoted the industrial scale conversion of assets as a humanitarian enterprise, lifting the Third World into the sunshine of peace and prosperity. Now, as seen in Peru and Canada, the natural wonders coveted by corporations are represented in their marketing campaigns as being held captive by tribal peoples.

Neglecting the fact that these resources don’t belong to the corporations, omitting the fact that these very same corporations have created scarcity through their wanton acts of destruction elsewhere, and hiding the fact about the end result of privatization being extreme poverty for most and obscene wealth for a few, the banks, politicians and developers behind carving up collective properties in Canada are out to destroy First Nations forever.

If Peru is to be an example for the new posture of modern states toward indigenous peoples, a holocaust of unprecedented proportions is about to descend worldwide. If that happens, the Fourth World will never be the same.


~ by Jay Taber on November 3, 2010.

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