An Instrument of Theft

One thing you can say about the Bush Administration is that it helped to clarify the corruption that defines the modern state. As an instrument of theft, modern states have had difficulty maintaining the illusion of a benign entity gone awry, especially after the Obama Administration topped Bush in almost every category.

Prior to these two scoundrels, many operated under the assumption that the American state was a functional, reformable system; now that that delusion has been demolished, some are starting to catch on that it’s the structure of the state itself that is dysfunctional. Privatizing it only makes it worse.

Getting unstuck from this system that concentrates power, foments fraud, and escalates crime will require sacrifice beyond the experience and imagination of most, but for those few who have seen the light, the task is clear. The United States, like the former Soviet Union, is a monster that needs to be dismantled. Whether Americans have what it takes to accomplish that remains to be seen.


~ by Jay Taber on November 17, 2010.

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