The Paradox of Participation

Having followed and chronicled the United Nations — in particular its conventions and other protocols affecting the extension of human rights to indigenous peoples — I think it is safe to say that the UN, like the US and other UN member states, is a paradox. As with most modern states, law, morality and money at the UN have both corrupted as well as sustained the institutional machinery; living with that reality while participating in the daily drama of political theater can be a paradox in itself. But we needn’t have false hope about the odds of success in order to commit to the cause; all we need is a firm belief that what we say and do is the right way to be. Once we are rooted in the soil of  solidarity, we can weather the storms of hypocrisy, treachery and betrayal. It is simply the paradox of participation—we cannot choose what must be done.


~ by Jay Taber on December 10, 2010.

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