World Dominance

Watching the violent clashes worldwide between indigenous peoples and modern states, one might be inclined to wonder what’s at the root of the problem. Is it just philosophical values, control of territories and historical injustice, or is there more to it? With food riots and other uprisings becoming a regular global occurrence, it might be wise for us to step back a moment to get a grasp of what is happening in our world.

In his February 2 speech at Pennsylvania State University — School of International Affairs, Stan Goff put neoliberalism into an historical context that makes the political destabilization associated with the imperial food market comprehendable.  In The Roles of Finance Food and Force in US Foreign Policy, Goff illustrates the links between financial warfare, world dominance and the industrialization of agriculture.

If we are to be of any use to the world indigenous movement, our understanding of the context within which we work and they struggle must be clear and accurate. Toward that end, Mr. Goff has made a significant contribution.


~ by Jay Taber on February 9, 2012.

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