United States of Anomie

We are closing in on two generations now, since the Reagan administration, that have been raised in a patriarchal system that taught them to cede their responsibilities as citizens to professional managers of the non-profit industrial complex. That complex, along with the media, educational institutions, and political parties, is wholly owned by Wall Street. The withdrawal of public resources and accountability has been entirely replaced by patronized careerists and managers dependent on the ruling class.

Young adults between the ages of 20 and 40, with a few notable exceptions, have never known self-organized democratic renewal. To these post Vietnam war generations, the heroic sacrifices and steadfast persistence of those engaged in the Free Speech movement, the Negro revolution, and the anti-war movement in the US are unimaginable.

As targets of 24/7 digital advertising and propaganda, they are largely unable to think for themselves. When some do, their voices are shunned, their voices too disturbing for those taught to beg for foundation grants or corporate sponsorships, and to unquestioningly follow celebrities financed by the ruling class, who reassure them that their complacency will be rewarded.

Bernie Sanders has given them a glimpse of the power of breaking free from the patronizing system Hillary Clinton represents, but who will lead them in democratizing America after the presidential election is over? Is Bernie just another form of entertainment for them, or will they get down to the task of persistent unpaid work and steadfast commitment required to save our society from oblivion?

Time will tell.


~ by Jay Taber on April 5, 2016.

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