About Mill U

Our world is full of people frustrated in their attempts at building healthy, harmonious communities. Here at Mill U, we share both stories of success and lessons of failure by our colleagues. With luck, over time we will help to, as author Epes Brown phrased it, “establish a true and open dialogue through which each [society] may ultimately regain and reaffirm the sacred dimensions of their own respective traditions.”

Mill U is administered by Jay Taber. A retired journalist and correspondent, he can be reached at tbarj@yahoo.com

An interview with Jay Taber by Cory Morningstar can be read here.

[ The header photo is from Barcelona 1936. The women are being instructed in the use of rifles as part of the defense against Franco’s imminent invasion.  ]


2 Responses to “About Mill U”

  1. Hi Im really new to blogging and have been looking around at a few ! yours is the first that has made me want to read more and i didnt even know i was interested!!

    i will return!

  2. We’re always open.

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