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Next summer marks 50 years since the revolt against American fascism embodied by the Democratic National Committee. 1968 witnessed revolts in Europe as well, where students and labor unions shut down the economy of France. As fascism incarnate, the Trump administration demands a no less vigorous response.

Seeing how it was the Democratic National Committee that enabled Trump to win the presidency, revolt in 2018 would be most effective by taking over the Democratic Party from the ground up. Anything else is just show business.


Betrayal of American Values

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In July, Congresswoman Maxine Waters (CA) introduced a bill to preserve the nation’s public housing stock, which loses thousands of units each year. Meanwhile, privately-owned, publicly-funded housing for the low-income, disabled and seniors is facing a crisis of its own, as landlords circumvent federal covenants on their properties, in order to illegally convert to market-based rents.

In August, Governor Inslee (WA) noted the decrease in federal funding for civil legal aid to low-income citizens fighting for their rights to health care, housing and safety. Calling President Trump’s proposal to eliminate funding for legal services “a betrayal of American values,” Inslee added $5 million in new funding for legal aid.

Between 2010 and 2015, a million people were displaced from the San Francisco Bay Area alone, where rents tripled in that time-frame. With nowhere to turn, some of the displaced sought refuge in rural, quasi-public housing with federal rent-control. Now, under the Trump administration, that, too, could soon disappear.

Bitter Root

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The Nez Perce War, an audio interview with Daniel Sharfstein by Rick Steves, examines the tragic history of the peaceful indigenous people of the Wallowa Valley. Thanks to their unique sense of an entitled relationship with the U.S. Government–whom they had befriended when rescuing the freezing and starving Lewis and Clark party in 1805–the legendary Chief Joseph in 1877 foresaw a time when treaty rights would become part of the never-ending American conflict over civil rights and human rights.

Netwar Review

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The Netwar Reader includes several fine pieces. As noted in my essay Continuity, development of the netwar concept happened at RAND in Santa Monica; I corresponded with RAND senior sociologist David Ronfeldt for my MA thesis.


The underlying framework of netwar dynamics was conceived by Luther Gerlach, author of People Power Change, who sent me his paper presented at the 2000 American Anthropological Association conference in San Francisco.


My definition of netwar is “networked psychological warfare.” The internet helps networks communicate, but netwar does not require access to the internet. Application of the concept is illustrated in my special report Netwar at Cherry Point.


Situationists use detournement to change the way the public perceives class relations. Culture-jamming dominant social media starts with investigative research, in order to form an accurate estimate of the situation.


One aspect of this is opposition research, which reveals strengths and weaknesses of enemies. Successful applied research matches our strengths against their weaknesses. Dimensions of netwar are explored in Communications in Conflict.

Philanthropic Journalism

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If consciousness is defined as awareness of one’s surroundings and identity, the limits of consciousness in liberal interpreters of the spectacle — i.e. Common DreamsDemocracy Now! and Truthout — imply an inability to imagine reality beyond the narrow conscription of philanthropic journalism.

Cusp of Revolution

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Since the 1999 Battle in Seattle, the war of liberation from capitalist domination has proceeded in fits and starts, but mastery of the art of netwar is still the key to success. The 2003 nationwide anti-war marches, 2005 human rights gatherings on the border, and 2012 #Occupy sit-ins set the tone for the 2016 Sanders campaign. Over the next two years, capturing state-level Democratic Party organizations is the objective.

Operation Overlords

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In his introduction to An Essay on Liberation, Herbert Marcuse observes that,

What is denounced as utopian is no longer that which has no place and cannot have any place in the historical universe, but rather that which is blocked from coming about by the power of the established societies.

Last week, the New York Times editorial board–voice of the aristocracy–opined that ‘Medicare for All’ will destroy the Democratic Party establishment, which, if it is smart, will continue grovelling to Wall Street. Naturally, they blamed Bernie Sanders, the most popular politician in America–not crooks like Hillary Clinton, who have other interests.