Operation Overlords

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In his introduction to An Essay on Liberation, Herbert Marcuse observes that,

What is denounced as utopian is no longer that which has no place and cannot have any place in the historical universe, but rather that which is blocked from coming about by the power of the established societies.

Last week, the New York Times editorial board–voice of the aristocracy–opined that ‘Medicare for All’ will destroy the Democratic Party establishment, which, if it is smart, will continue grovelling to Wall Street. Naturally, they blamed Bernie Sanders, the most popular politician in America–not crooks like Hillary Clinton, who have other interests.


Us v Them

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As Subcomandante Insurgente Marcos remarked during the national campaign
for democracy in Mexico,

We are coming after the rich of this country…coexisting with them is not possible, because their existence means our disappearance.

A Lasting Peace

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My first piece at Fourth World Eye (2007) was A Lasting Peace, a tribute to my kin in Northern Ireland, who have suffered under British rule for over 800 years.

Fourth World Think Tank

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The Center for World Indigenous Studies invites you to learn, study and discover alongside activist scholars advancing the rights of indigenous peoples worldwide.


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The SI2 gallery is now online.

Strategic Manipulation

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As noted at INSURGE INTELLIGENCE,  a report published in June by the U.S. Army War College’s Strategic Studies Institute calls for the U.S. government to invest in more surveillance, better propaganda through “strategic manipulation” of public opinion, and a “wider and more flexible” U.S. military.

Accepted Truth

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In a culture of imbeciles, consumers will believe anything. In the age of social media, lies are repeated until they become accepted truth.

–Poet Garcia Madero