Intercepting The Intercept

Just when you thought the Naomi Klein horror show of designer protests and vanity arrests was over, she’s back, and this time the show features the latest vapid luminary in the aristocracy’s stable. While I understand that, as usual, it’s just show business, why on earth would the otherwise trustworthy Intercept promote such charlatans? Alas, Greenwald is evidently not beneath a little disingenuous promotions if it taps into the social media popularity of an activist-turned-pied-piper for Wall Street.

I’ll leave the New Volkish Mythos of *Greta* to Steppling.

~ by Jay Taber on September 7, 2019.

2 Responses to “Intercepting The Intercept”

  1. It’s even worse than you think. The Intercept is a deeply insidious publication.

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